What happens when you approach 40 and get a bit tired of the corporate lifestyle and life being very nice.

I gave up my house, job and girlfriend to come to the greyness of eastern Ukraine.

If you’re in town or passing through or want any info drop me a mail at kharkov at until i hit the floor dot com, cleverly removing spaces of course.


36 Responses to “About Mark”

  1. You make me laugh! All this stuff we have gotten used to but it is funny to see thru others eyes all over again.

  2. Elena Says:

    Your website may be useful to some of the people, but as a Kharkovian I find your words about my city extremely offensive and rude! Where is the famous American political correctness? Left it at home? I recommend that you impliment it wherever you go. Good luck!

  3. Elena Says:

    Your website may be useful to some of the people, but as a Kharkovian I find your words about my city extremely offensive and rude! Where is the famous American political correctness? Left it at home? I recommend that you implement it wherever you go. Good luck!

  4. Martiniski Says:

    Yes, where is that American? What an insult! Great comments.

  5. These last two comment-eers will soon be finding out how far $1000 goes in Ukraine …..

  6. Daniel Says:

    Hi Mark, interesting and very funny lines you write in here! I found your site in google, trying to get some information about Kharkov. I am going to Kharkov in late October to meet one of the most beautifull women I ever saw in photos. I tought well if she is so pretty and she wants to be with me for two weeks, why not try?
    Anyway if plan A fails and I get stuck in Kharkov, I will stuck to plan B wich is get to meet some female Kharkovians. If you have some info about places to hang out and ending with a sucessfull night please let me know. Of course if you are still in town it will be a pleasure to buy you a beer (or two).
    Best regards

  7. isup2me Says:

    Hi Mark, – informative and funny site. Are you still in town?

  8. isup2me Says:

    Hi Mark, – have some questions to you, – do you mind to mail back to me?

  9. Ken Says:

    Hello Mark!

    Are you still in Kharkov? I come to Kharkov regularly on business. It would be great to meet up if you are still in Kharkov.


  10. Glyn Says:

    I think we are leading parallel lives 450 Km apart!! – please drop me a line – I spend a of of time in Kharkov.. perhpas we can meet up – or at least exchange links. Glyn

  11. Darina Says:

    Hi, Mark.
    very interesting stories.
    Are you still in kharkov?
    You might be tired of this question..lol
    I am from kharkov. My parents live in kharkov and i LOVE this city.
    I did just the opposite thing. Moved to the USA)))
    2 years ago.
    Why did you move to Kharkov?

  12. Michael Says:

    I’m visiting Kharkov in April and wanted to know if there are any Internet Cafes that are open evenings and/or weekends. My understanding is that the Internet Cafes are closed on the weekends; is that true?

    Can you provide me the names of any Internet Cafes that are open evenings and/or weekends?


  13. Cathy Says:

    Where are you? How come you have posted for so long?

    Is everything ok????

    Maybe you are getting bored…. your last few posts in Jan didn’t have your usual sparkle.

  14. Cathy Says:

    Oops I made a typo or it’s time to start brushing up on my English.

    What I meant to say was how com you have not posted for so long?

  15. Exotic Says:

    Hey can you email me I would like to talk to you, I am a big fan of your site.

    Please contact me

    one of your # FAN

  16. Exotic Says:

    Oh Mark Your story reminds me of my boyfriends storys thats why I wanna talk to you and hear your opinion on certain things…


  17. Adrian Says:


    I will be visiting Kharkov in September/October and I would really appreciate some advice on local customs etc. Please send an email when you have time.


  18. Darren Says:

    Hi Mark and anyone else who lives in Kharkov. I am moving out to Kharkov late July for lifestyle reasons. Don’t know how long I will stay, but could be for a least 1 year. I am 32 year old from UK and would love to hook up with anyone. Please get in touch!


  19. Nicolas Says:

    Hey Mark,

    You definitely made me laugh, mate, as I recognised in you the poor French bastard (me) wandering through the streets of Kharkov and painfully trying to speak po Russki. I have spent a bit of time there, for I was precisely attempting to learn the language – and hook up with my in-laws and the wife’s family (all from the lovely “Gueroi Truda” metro station neighbourhood).

    I am returning there next week for a few days – I too love it as much as I sometimes despise it. In the end, it is more exotic than South America (and I know that part of the world well)…

  20. "Tolle" Says:

    I have lived here since ’97… and I like it .. Talking about grayness, I lived in Ireland for one year and that was greyness with a large G 🙂

  21. Hmm... Says:

    Why aren’t you posting anymore? Did you die?

  22. Barry Says:

    Elena said}

    “Your website may be useful to some of the people, but as a Kharkovian I find your words about my city extremely offensive and rude! Where is the famous American political correctness? Left it at home? I recommend that you impliment it wherever you go. Good luck!’

    Because Mark is an Englishman, of course!!

  23. Gil Says:

    Just moved to Kharkov from London.
    Looking for anyone who is english speaking to pass time in this boring town. I think the correct term will be ‘looking to socialise’ with English speaking people.
    my email is tavdy@hotmail.com,
    little about my self, I’m 27 male and here on business unfortunately for a long long time.
    so if you do speak English why not go for a coffee or anything to pass time.



  24. helen Says:

    hi if you could please help 🙂
    hi im young female traveling to the ukraine this week alone i willl be met the other end but i have no idea what to do once landed (customs passport control etc)
    or this form you have here, please help 🙂

  25. Marianna Says:

    Hi Helen and everybody! :)))

    if you are in Kharkov or want to get any information about my native city, you are free to write me. My email is Marianna-SK@mail.ru

    have a good time and revel in Kharkov. :-)))

  26. panamare Says:

    hi Mark,
    Am staying also in Ukraine and when I am reading ur blog I can clearly see ur dissapointment toward Ukraine’s lifestyle.. will tell u one thing: u will need to get used to it and try not to understand ukrainians and just go with the flow.. Cheers mate.

  27. Steve Robinson Says:

    I’m visiting Kharkov this coming July, and have no idea what to expect, other than what information I have “Googled”. Any advice of finding a place to stay would be great…I don’t have a company expense account…and I’m pretty self reliant. I’m hoping to stay at least a week, maybe more…I don’t need luxury, but I don’t want to sleep in a ditch, either…
    Thanks for any information…

  28. chris kontoes Says:


    i got ripped off on ebay. package going to post office in :

    Krasnodarskaja Str 171E-105

    trying my best to get a phone number to stop package. i have offered a $200 reward if it’s stopped. if it is not topped, i’ll likely have to go out of business, so i hope it’s okay that i contact you. i can’t find any information at all on the internet.



  29. iryna Says:

    Hello Mark,
    My name is Iryna,I am from Kharkov,but since 2002 living in Ireland.I found your story very funny and it is great what you didn’t lost your sense of humor-it is the only thing what will help you not go mental over there.But from the other side, Ireland been so beautiful with very nice people make me very depressed because of the weather, miss our 4 seasons,specially Indian summer.Mark and company! If you have some questions about Kharkov,or need translat something please, just ask. Sorry,my grammar not perfect,but i understand English very well. my e-mail irakara@rambler.ru ,will be in Kharkov in summer 2010.
    Good-bye for now.

  30. chetan Says:

    hi mark,
    its interesting to read a foreigner posting all his experiences about kharkov. I have lived in kharkov for 3yrs and found ur blog interesting. why did u stop writing? when r u coming back to kharkov, to write more on this blog???


  31. Iain Says:

    Hello, Mark,

    I really enjoy your blog and am thinking of going to live in Kharkiv having met a devushka from there.
    Any tips ?

  32. Michael Says:

    I will be travelling to US with a 2 week stopover in the Ukraine. I will have a backpack and suitcase. I prefer to leave my suitcase in the luggage storage at the airport. Is it possible to do so for 3 weeks? How much is it for storage? and is it safe?

  33. paul Says:

    Nice info

  34. dave Says:

    Hi Mark

    I am Dave from Dublin i hope to come to Kharkov in January 2015
    to help war refuggess with humanitarian aid and assistance,

    love any advice you could give me or to meet up for a meal and a pint in lrish pubs in kharkov


  35. John Says:


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